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Our clients, past and present, in the news.

See the latest news from our clients: 

The Oklahoman | Art of Clara Luper will be featured on limited-edition debit cards

Ebony Iman Dallas' artwork "Songs of Freedom" was unveiled, as Citizens Bank of Edmond announced the art will be on limited-edition debit cards.


KFOR | Oklahoma Christian University, INTEGRIS team up for innovative nursing program

As Oklahoma continues to face a large nursing workforce shortage, Oklahoma Christian University and INTEGRIS are teaming up to create an innovative way to increase the state’s nursing workforce.  

The Oklahoman | Work-based degree programs at OKC hospitals aimed at addressing nursing shortage

Two hospitals are partnering with Oklahoma Christian University to offer work-based degrees to their employees as part of a continued effort to address the state’s nursing shortage. The school announced the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center and Mercy Oklahoma would begin the flexible degree programs once the Board of Nursing approved them. The programs are similar to a previous model from Oklahoma Christian and Integris Health called Integris University, in which students earn college credit online toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree while concurrently providing part-time or full-time patient care for the hospital.


The Oklahoman | Point of View: Oklahoma can lead the nation in defining the future of higher education

In Oklahoma, we believe in the power of continuing education, but it is time we brace for what it means to deliver an affordable, streamlined version that matches the ever-changing demands of the American workforce. When COVID-19 hit, Tri County Tech quickly moved to establish a program called “Skills to Rebuild” to help retrain adults in industries impacted by the pandemic, such as tourism, to be employable by other industries in high demand, like health care.


Fox 25 | New PAC aims to back Republican women for Oklahoma elected office

A new group is looking to get more conservative women involved in Oklahoma politics. The POWhER, or The Promoting Oklahoma Women in Elections & Representation, Political Action Committee was formed to support more Republican women running for elected office in the state.


KOCO | Local group encourages more women to run for office in Oklahoma

A local group is encouraging more women to run for office. It's a political action committee called the “POWhER PAC.” The group’s website said they want to inspire and support Republican women running for office.


Tulsa World | Opinion: Oklahoma must inspire and encourage more women into elected office

"Often the greatest barrier to entry is overcoming an established network working to protect various sets of interests. This is why we joined a group of fellow Republican women to form POWhER PAC, where our only interest is the future of elected Republican women in Oklahoma." 


The Frontier | ‘A voice that is often left aside’; New PAC seeks to boost Republican women

Following a 2020 election cycle when a record number of Republican women were elected to Congress, a class that included U.S. Rep. Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma’s 5th District, a new political action committee in Oklahoma hopes to build similar momentum at the state level. Called Promoting Oklahoma Women in Elections and Representation (POWhER), the new PAC cut its first checks this week to Bice.

Edmond Way | Memorial Teachers Helping Create Statewide AP Courses

Three Edmond Memorial teachers are part of a project to develop online Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which are to be made available to students statewide.

Christine Custred, T.J. Dortch and Kevin McDonald are part of a group of seven Oklahoma educators working to develop these courses through the Oklahoma Supplemental Online Course Program (OSOCP). 

Tulsa World | ‘Changing lives”: Bartlesville tech grant provides free tuition, fast track for 375 people

Financed by Gov. Kevin Stitt’s Emergency Education Relief fund, the Skills to Rebuild initiative will provide accelerated programs to train 375 people to immediately enter well-paying jobs in high demand in the region, generating an annual payroll of $10 million in Oklahoma’s private sector.


News 9 | More than 100 Public School Districts Sign Up for ‘Lean Anywhere Oklahoma” Initiative

"This learn anywhere curriculum and the amount of courses that are offered will allow or us to offer art at home, computer science at home,” said Cecilia Robinson-Woods, superintendent for Millwood Public Schools. “If we have problems finding a math or science teacher we can have facilitators of those courses. Use the course wear and still deliver meaningful content to students.”

Morning Consult | Op-ed by Jill Castilla on Four Easy Actions Congress Can Take to Relieve Small Businesses

But COVID-19 did not disappear eight weeks after PPP was in effect. Congress’ decision to extend the PPP covered period to 24 weeks was helpful — but even then, there is still no solution or forecasting on when this virus will dissipate. It’s critical for Congress to do the next right thing to get help to America’s job creators. Here are four easy solutions to enact quickly…

Washington Post | The newest way to test for coronavirus: Spitting in a tube

The OSU lab has now independently validated the test first created at Rutgers and has applied for emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, so the test can be conducted more broadly. Pollard said she expects the state will get approval soon, telling Juliet it “will certainly open up our testing options and make it easier to test within nursing homes.

The Frontier | Oklahoma's competition for the coronavirus test and the women in the fight 

Both Dr. Kayse Shrum and Deputy Secretary Elizabeth Pollard are key members of the governor’s coronavirus response team and have been central figures in crafting the state’s testing strategy, which has relied more on private companies than the federal government.

The Charlotte Observer | There is a lot you can learn about coronavirus in other states 

Several other states provide residents with similar details, but the model for state-level COVID-19 data might be Oklahoma. There, health officials have provided an additional update that includes data on available ventilators and hospital occupancy, as well as the number of available beds in ICUs, operating rooms and pediatric units.

The Oklahoman | Governor Kevin Stitt's inner orbit

"He was a raw politician, but on the human side of things I saw a lot of Jim Inhofe in Kevin," Harder said. "What I saw in Kevin that was similar to (Inhofe) was that he was a workhorse, he was collaborative, he enjoyed talking to people and meeting strangers. That's where I knew I could work with Kevin."

A few weeks later Harder joined a campaign that was mostly made up of Stitt's family and friends, an orbit of political outsiders who remain by his side today and likely will play a significant role in how the governor-elect chooses to shape policy and tackle some of the state's biggest challenges.

Oklahoma News Report | Women In Charge

The Oklahoman | Donelle Harder, Founder and CEO of Pliris Strategies, interview on the inauguration of Governor Kevin Stitt

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